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A couple of HEHs

Well, this about describes me (via Jon). And Les just nailed it! (a must read!)

Btw, with apologies to The Blogfather, I despise HEH. It has bothered me since the first time I ever saw it used in a chatroom (which was probably IRC circa 1988). gives it a definition of "a half laugh" but I have always read HEH as bemusement but almost a disrespectful, laugh of obligation like "ok, you made the effort to say it so I’ll make an effort to acknowledge you." The two links above deserve much more than a HEH!

1 thought on “A couple of HEHs

  1. I half agree with you. I hate the way some bloggers have a whole post that just says “heh.” That’s not enough, and it’s annoying (part of why I never read Insta).

    But sometimes ‘heh’ is good. it can acknowledge that you said something funny but without making you contribute something (often you can’t). It can occasionally close a post when you’re just laughing at yourself.

    It’s a nice small thing, but shouldn’t be the whole post.

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