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Drupal – Not bad

I just finished a Drupal theming project. I rode a steep learning curve but I can dig Drupal now. Styling with css. Custom PHP. Custom nodes and blocks. Pretty cool! I do not think Drupal will steal me away from WordPress for blogging but it may steer me toward using it as a CMS platform for business website applications for businesses that want to have regular updates (ala blogging) and more interaction with their customers (ala forums).

2 thoughts on “Drupal – Not bad

  1. I tried working with this (version 5.1) just recently and found it painfully slow (for the user) and painfully hard (on the server), with includes to includes to includes.

    It only took me loading about 40 pages before I found it unbearable to use, and gave up on it. (For the record I was using one of the built in Themes).

    So, while I like certain aspects of it, and the “completelness” of it as a CMS, I am not sold that it is completely ready for big time business use yet.

  2. I am still a huge WordPress fan. There are so many of these CMS open source packages out there!

    I’m hoping to steal away some time and put together an entry for the Sandbox design competition for WordPress.I wan tto be able to get around WordPress theming a little more and I want to see BBPress to actually work with pretty permalinks.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Drupal performance.

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