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To Kelly

Here Kelly. You want attention? Ok you got the attention of the handful of Reality Me readers. I don’t know what you’ve done to screwup Blogger commenting but its a good one!

So, did you ever go see the school counselor? You know, the one your tuition pays for. The one that you can see anonymously without your parents, the Internet, friends, foes, teaches, and future employers will never know you’ve seen.

Counseling is part of how we get along in life. Some find counsel in a scout master, their priest, their brothers, an elderly man in the park, a bartender, a teacher, and professionals. There is nothing wrong with seeing a professional counselor and it may very well change your outlook on life.

Do you want to fix things or do you want things to magically fix themselves? Answer that question for yourself as honestly as possible. Then come see me.

"The urge to quit will be greatest just before success." -Chinese proverb

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