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Back in Business!

Last night while I was putting my machines back in place from our temporary exile to Holiday Inn Express (no, I don’t feel smarter), I awkwardly squeezed under my desk with my chest across the case of my primary development machine, one hand on the front corner, and one hand on the back corner when a strong tingling sensation raged through my body. I said a wordy dird. Cathy responded kindly, "Are you ok?" To which I honestly answered, "No, I’m being electrocuted." She suggested, "you should get up." I explained, "I can’t." And she left the room. Leaving me to die…die! DIE!

And yes, I found the short and have since gotten my development box and servers working. My clients will be happy to know productivity is back!

4 thoughts on “Back in Business!

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how women will leave you to die…not understanding the mechanics of how things work! Similar things have happened here as well – like me lying in the garage after falling down the steps and her asking the same question, while I yelled for her to stop the dog from licking my face and help me up!

    Once I was helping my mom empty water from an old ringer type washing machine while it was running. Electricity jumped from the washer, through my hands, into the bucket and out my bare feet! I could only mouth “momma” for a long minute before she saw me and unplugged the electrical cord. Feels like forever, don’t it?

  2. I had same thing happen to me, I was wiring up some christmas tree lights to an adapter but stupidly i forgot to unplug the lights, i inserted the screw driver into the adapter and zaaaaaaaaaaaap, i was frying for a very long minute, then i dropped the screw driver and plopped to the floor in a heep, my dad looked at me and said, ” you alright?” my nerves where so zapped that i couldn’t move a muscle apart from my eyes for about 5 minutes, then managed to crawl to the sofa and lay there for an hour, was totally knackered.

  3. […] mean by kinky. The deaths apparently were related to the use of an elaborate apparatus utilizing electrical current for stimulation. […]

  4. and Cathy was?

    a) Excited that you were back in productive status.
    b) Disappointed that you were back in productive status.
    c) Elated that you were not smelling like the substance in the glass in the window.
    d) Just happy to be home with a/c.
    e) Grateful to know that Brian Hornback is still a smart aleck after being banned from the liberal blog.
    e) All of the above.

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