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Image Resizing of the Future

Wow! Seam Carving Image Resizing. Take time to watch this (that link is a better video but at its quota…youtube link here) particularly if you are a programmer or artist. The people removing at the end is remarkable!!

Of course, this mirror made of wood is pretty cool too. If you aren’t sure what you are watching in that one, I’ll explain. There is a camera in the middle of this frame with 830 tiles mounted to 830 servos. There is a light angled from the top onto the tiles. The software interprets the image the camera sees and changes the angle of the tiles so that each one reflects a different amount of light thereby simulating pixels and creating the ability for the wood tiles to form an image. Very cool!

Update: This is a hot topic! See also.

UPDATE: Resize your own images online demo.

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