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Tell Me What You Like To Read

I have always stated that I blog for my own pleasure but my web logs and stats programs tell me that I also blog for a handful of regular readers. What do you like to see at Reality Me? Do you find posts like No it doesn’t grow on trees to be

  1. repulsive
  2. funny
  3. TMI
  4. a reason to delete my rss feed from your reader
  5. the impetus to call for an intervention and have me hauled off to Lake Shore

Do you like seeing pictures, videos, stories of my past, details of my present, technical writing, the children, audio posts? What floats your boat? I’ll still write for me but I will happily fine tune my writing for you also!

3 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Like To Read

  1. B.

    I’d LOVE more pics and videos, but the IT department at work blocks them. I can see Jon’s pics for some reason, but NOTHING in flickr.


    Oh, and I get more white-screen messages (“This website is blocked; if you need to see this site, contact the IT department”) from links you provide than anyone else in my feed reader. Kudos!

    On the other hand, I’ve gotten some of my favorites from you too, like the one originally at Oingo Boingo about the ATHF “devices” and histrionic media coverage.

  2. Hmm. I’ll have to work on the pic/vid thing. As for the white-screen messages I sure hope that’s a statistical thing like perhaps I post more links than others ? Because otherwise it implies that your IT department agrees I’m spending too much time on the “wrong” sites 🙂

    I’ll keep the interesting coming. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Everything is interesting… we have a aspie 20 yr old at UT so it’s nice to read about Tommy. Not really a stalker, just moved back to Knoxville and gotten involved heavily with blogging and found yours and Kathy’s. Enjoy them both… funny!

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