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Don’t you have better things to do?

I blog a lot. Apparently I’m a noisy Twitter also. Some people take smoke breaks. I publish something. I am a juggler. A natural born multi-tasker. When I get some code block, I distract myself with a post then usually I can get back into the grind. Since I work constantly, and strange hours, I am at the keyboard perpetually which lends to being able to produce more posts. Blogging is not something that detracts from my day nor consumes quantities simply because I have built blogging into the rhythm of my life.

Last week I said some things in jest which offended Cathy … fill in some blanks … we got angry with each otherapparently only I got mad and I quit posting. The quantity of work on my plate was inhuman (and light compared to the ungodly amount on my plate this week). I withdrew from everything but work which probably wasn’t a terrible thing. But it knocked my rhythm out of whack. My blogging habit broke. I’ll get it back in sync but it may not be until next week after this work is done. If I survive this week and October I’m seriously thinking of taking November or December off completely.

Btw, Cathy and I have since made up. Married people know what that means.

As an interesting sidebar, I thought with no posting my readership would vanish. According to Google Analytics the number of visitors increased!

1 thought on “Don’t you have better things to do?

  1. “According to Google Analytics the number of visitors increased!”

    Isn’t it weird how that works? I took my tumorbattical a while back, and the same things happened. I’m also finding it difficult to get back into the rhythm.

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