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Yesterday’s Butt Kicking Continues

Yesterday’s morning R&D centered around trouble shooting an SMTP problem with a Windows2003 server and ASP. Basically, I don’t get the error on my development server, which is still a Windows2000 machine. That means it could be code or server setup. The problem manifests itself when an attempt is made to send an email after a form is submitted.

CDO.Message.1 error ‘80040220’

The “SendUsing” configuration value is invalid.

This error message is all over Google (see also) (remember to use Blingo – aff link!).

I solve this in the next 2 hours!

Update: Why does Google continue to index! Never click anything that is a link to! They obviously understand SEO really well.

Update: Troubleshooting thus far.

Title: The “SendUsing” configuration value is invalid in Windows 2003
Name: Scott Forsyth
Date: 3/27/2006 10:10:04 AM
Hi Monde,

On Windows Server 2003, if you don’t specify the default smtp server, it needs to obtain that from the IIS metabase. That isn’t allowed by default in IIS6, but you can add it with metaacl.vbs. Google and download a copy of metaacl.vbs and the run the following:

cscript metaacl.vbs “IIS://Localhost/smtpsvc” IIS_WPG RE
cscript metaacl.vbs “IIS://Localhost/smtpsvc/1” IIS_WPG RE

This will give the IIS_WPG group read permissions to the smtpsrv node so that you’ll be able to obtain the default SMTP server without specifically setting it in code. This will often resolve the error that you have run into.


Now, all of that said, only hurdle one has been jumped. My error message of "The "SendUsing" configuration value is invalid." is gone but mail is getting stuck in //Inetpub/mailroot/Queue. At least it is not going to the Badmail folder. Brief break then onto hurdle two.

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  1. They were cooler before the dash — back when they were ExpertSexchange. At least you didn’t have a crapload of useless Spam, and it didn’t cost you to view half-assed answers.

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