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Break into a Dodge Caravan? No problem.

Today we took the children to church. Typically the younger four go with the grandparents while the heathens, Cathy, Tommy and I, stay home where I work on client projects or the house while taking the Lord’s name in vain; everyone sins right? When Tommy was younger, multiple churches requested that he stay away so he never formed a church habit. My religious upbringing is a different story culminating with me tending to keep my religious views to myself. Tommy has discovered that he is comfortable at Two Rivers Church’s youth group and goes there on Wednesday nights although conflicts have kept him away recently.

the ol' pry open the door and use a coat hanger trick
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The grandparents enjoyed the UT Vols game in the stadium last night so we had the responsibility of getting the children to church this morning. Tommy chose to stay home of course. Cathy and I dropped the children then looked at Sunday school options for ourselves finding 4 possibilities for our age group. The one we picked at random turned out to be the group devoting themselves to getting the word out through activities like car washes and entertainment at festivals; anything to get an audience then try to get them to convert or accept the Lord. That directly conflicts with my "keep religious views to myself and let others make their own decisions" mindset.

After class, I went to the van to get some Alavert and Cathy joined me to get some Tylenol. I opened the tail gate for the medical supplies. Cathy took the keys and let herself into the car for a drink to wash her medicine down. I close the tailgate. Then I see someone waiting to get into their car and tell Cathy she is in the way. She jumps out of the way and closes the door. I ask for the keys and her face goes blank. Then she giggles. I think I’ll start carrying two sets of keys for the car! Cathy’s father came out to help me which is good otherwise God and I might have had a lively discussion.

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  1. Man, don’t you hate it when that happens!

    I once drove up in a parking lot of Shoney’s to show off my new ’93 Cobra and slammed the door behind me – keys in the ignition!

    Luckily we were across the street from a Ford dealership! Embarrassing though.

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