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Windows Knows How to Make Me Angry

Nothing gets my goat quite like walking away from the computer only to find that it decided to reboot itself. I didn’t give permission to do that! And I definitely didn’t give it permission to lose my browser session. I had those 20 some odd web pages open for a reason!

5 thoughts on “Windows Knows How to Make Me Angry

  1. One of my favorite features of Firefox. When it closes prematurely (which is often in Windows) it asks “start new session or restore previous session”

  2. Even though Firefox has that built in it only restores one window. I use SessionSaver so that I can recover all windows and all tabs. Usually works without a hitch. Windows crashed so hard this time that even Firefox and SessionSaver lost the sessions.

  3. I had the same happen to me at work just recently… A Windows update bug.

  4. ok. That makes sense.

  5. Microsoft wants to hear from you:

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