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Don’t put off until tomorrow…

So a couple of years ago I noticed my water bill doubled. Years? I hope not. Sure I meant to type "several months ago." It doubled because the washers on the spigots needed replacing but mostly because the flapper in the downstairs toilet needed replacing. Someone would flush the toilet and it could run all night before someone realized it needed fixing. A $3 part and a few minutes of my time would fix the problem but I had more important things to do like figure out how to pay the extra $30 or so per month the leaks were causing.

Yesterday I put a new flapper on the commode. It was $3.45 and took about 2 minutes. Assuming this has been going on a year and that toilet was the total cause of a $30 increase in water costs, then I spent $360 waiting for my round tuit! I may never learn. In 1998, I left for a month of work in South Carolina to return to a very molded bathroom because I could not find the time to replace a 25 cent washer. Failing to change that 25 cent washer resulted in a bathroom remodel! Don’t mess around with water! Don’t put off until tomorrow that which you can do today!

5 thoughts on “Don’t put off until tomorrow…

  1. I do believe that Cathy is about to mold you into her handy fixer upper husband. Now on to that drywall hole in the living room that needs repair. LOL 🙂

  2. Coincidentally, that’s my next focus! Then perhaps the squirrels…

  3. You fixed the leaky faucets?

  4. […] and Saturday we should have enough Turkey to last until Christmas. For half a decade or so, I have put off (ie. procrastinated) getting a meat thermometer. Yesterday, while the turkey cooked, I went to […]

  5. Nooo. But that’s coming.

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