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Parenting Lesson of the Day (or Stupid Dad!)

Narration: [audio:]

ClearRxTarget’s Pharmacy has this really cool medicine dispensing system called ClearRx™ created by a woman whose mother accidentally took her father’s medicine. We switched from our favored local pharmacy at CVS, where the employees were friendly and knew us by name, to Target’s pharmacy, where we are more of a number, specifically because of this product. Evan is fighting a sinus infection and was prescribed some antibiotics by the doctor. He has taken to liking them and tries to do it himself holding the syringe in his mouth but I still have to push the plunder. Now if you are a brain stud like me and decide to show your 2.5 year old child how the plunger on the syringe works, expect to be wearing the medicine!

I let Evan hold the dispenser in his right hand then showed him how to press the plunger with his left palm. His eyes widen as a gush of antibiotic rushed into his mouth. I leaned back with satisfaction as I waited for him to do it a second time completing his dosage. Trying to figure out what he just did, the syringe came out of his mouth and he stared at it not unlike the break he takes between squirts when I am dispensing it. Then I saw it! The gleam in his eyes. I watched as the upturned corners of his mouth meta morphed into a devilish grin. In slow motion I shouted, "NOOooooo!" as a fountain of pink fluid erupted into the air to the joyous cackling of a demented child with a devil on one shoulder patting his back and an angel on the other bound and gagged. A pink rain fell upon me! And, by the way, when your child does this, keep your mouth closed unless you want the chalky taste of artificial strawberry burned into your taste buds for the remainder of the day. Smooth.

I think I’ll go back to trying to get the hippie in my drain to leave.

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