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Calling the electronic gurus

If I have a device that is labeled as needing 12v 250ma and I have a power supply that outputs 12v 1200ma am I putting my device at risk?

I seem to recall someone once telling me the milliamps don’t really matter but that doesn’t feel right.

2 thoughts on “Calling the electronic gurus

  1. Power supplies indicate the voltage that they supply along with the MAXIMUM amount of current that they can supply at that voltage.

    As long as the device you are using requires less than that amount of current everything is fine. Since your device only requires 250mA, a 1.2A supply will easily power the device without getting too hot.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Excellent! Thank you! Now I can use my plasma mug again. That thing consumes 8 AA batteries faster than I can drink the beverage!

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