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Dad of the year nomination revoked

Bad Dad sent the kindergartener to school today with nothing but Scooby snacks for lunch.

Update: Yesterday Amy came home and admonished me, "You forgot to send me lunch. All I had was Scooby snacks. I was starving!" And man was she ever put out. She was whimpery and whining and crying. She went into the kitchen and fixed herself a feast of a sandwich, fruit, apple sauce, and cookies. Then she laid in bed and boohoo’d that we never feed her. She gave it the royal treatment! Around dinner we talked about things she could do if it ever happened again including talking to the teacher, the cafeteria volunteers, or the cashier at which point she cheerfully responded, "I did! I had mashed potatoes and … and … and … and strawberry milk and … The IOU is in my lunchbox." Boy does she know how to milk guilt!

Today she was sent with more food than she will eat.

3 thoughts on “Dad of the year nomination revoked

  1. they’ll be in therapy for years on that one!
    try forgetting the snack sometime-2 years later and I don’t think my son is over it just yet…

  2. With the way Amy holds onto things I’ll be hearing about this one to the grave. She gets that from her mother!

  3. LOL. That little one knows how to work the system!

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