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Juggler on TV

Well now…Thank you Ken Schwall!

4 thoughts on “Juggler on TV

  1. Whoot! I love to watch you in action. (Is Evan getting to big to be a prop? LOL!)

    Try as I might, I’m just not coordinated enough to juggle well.

  2. We haven’t done the hand game in a while. He’s not too big. He’s about at the age that they quit trusting you to not drop him. He was never as still and steady as Amy.

    I bet I could teach you to juggle in 10 minutes flat!

  3. When are you headed to Niagara Falls next? I’m in WNY right near the border. I swear if you do, I’ll take you up on that ten minutes! (My girlies would LOVE that.)

  4. Niagara Falls?! Inch by inch… step by step…!

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