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Quit teaching fractions!

Dennis DeTurck believes that we should not teach fractions until they can be appreciated which may be after calculus. Watch it below.

USA Today had an article last month noting some people disagree vehemently.

5 thoughts on “Quit teaching fractions!

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  2. Everyone needs a hobby.

  3. Eric, what do you think?

  4. Eric, Are you asking yourself? As for me, 1/2 for it and .5 against. Frankly I could see it working out just like deciding to teach either metric or English measurements. If we would simply make a commitment to teaching metric, society would adapt. I think that for non-math types, getting along with decimals is fine. I primarily use fractions for conversions. Some of my socket sets even have decimals rather than fractions on them.

    I think his idea isn’t terrible and could work.

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