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Who is F—ing Who?

Update: Scroll below the videos to read about the backstory. Part of the humor in all this is that many people miss that this is a gag…a bit.

If you have been living in a closet then you probably don’t know that Sarah Silver is f—ing Matt Damon. Just in case you missed it here is the bleeped version:

Of course, Jimmy Kimmel has a response video:

Interestingly enough, the video is dedicated to the memory of Norman Mailer. I suspected that the dedication was a joke, but if it is, the joke went over my head. Mailer passed in November 2007 which could mean the dedication is serious. Of course a piece of his bio could be the joke reference:

"Mailer was married six times, and had several mistresses. He had eight biological children by his various wives, and adopted one further child." Source, Wikipedia

The backstory to these videos adds an extra level of hilarity. Silverman and Kimmel are still together. Kimmel and Damon are good friends. Kimmel has a running gag on his show about not having enough time to interview Damon.

During Kimmel’s third season — when he reportedly had trouble booking guests — he would frequently close out his show with “apologies to Matt Damon, but we ran out of time” even though Damon hadn’t even been slated to appear. [Source, AOL Television]

Read more at AOL Television and The New York Post.

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