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Now my son DOES need a haircut!

In talking about Gentlemen’s Top Cuts in my post I don’t need a haircut but I’d sure enjoy my visit!, I failed to mention how they are conveniently located within walking distance of my son’s middle school. Now Noah NEEDS a haircut constantly. His hair grows like a weed. Noah is also a blogger! Judging by the porn Noah likes to surf (yes, he got busted and no he doesn’t do it anymore or at least he covers his footprints better) and how much longer it takes him to bathe now-a-days, I think Noah would very much enjoy GTC. Noah would probably even write a review and link to the GTC blog. Tommy on the other hand would not set foot in the building. I tried to get him to go to Hooter’s for lunch once and he said he’d stay in the car.

Would I seriously let Noah get his hair cut there? Sure! It is not a strip club. The site doesn’t say children are not allowed (now many spas do not allow children so that may change). And his friends would be all kinds of jealous! It’s just a barber shop with pretty barbers. After poking around the blog for a bit, I can tell they really are catering to men so I’m a little less sure. I spoke to GTC and they are family friendly. I doubt they’ll do a lot of family business. Now, Hooter’s does a huge family business (believe it or not!).

Update: Cathy points out that barber shops don’t generally offer "twig and berry" waxings. My description of "It’s just a barber shop with pretty barbers." could be a tad off base.

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