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I lost my DOM plugin

In what has to be the dumbest thing I have seen all week, the DOM Inspector plugin is available on the Mozilla website only at its 2.0.0 version. The DOM Inspector 2.0.0 is only compatible with the unreleased Firefox 3. The current stable version of Firefox is I was having trouble with Firebug not displaying styles and one troubleshooting step is to reinstall the DOM Inspector. Whoops. Not anymore! Guess I have to install the FF release candidate or just wait. I’m not a huge Firebug fan anyway. I can wait.

Update: To get the DOM Inspector working, follow these instructions:

I exited Firefox, edited the xpti.dat file and replaced the

Started Firefox again [Source, Bugzilla, DOM Inspector "CSS Style Rules" panel suddenly does not display any selectors Comment #22]

Note: For me it was line 237 so make sure you are editing the actual line with inIDOMUtils.

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    Teh Googles …. let me show you it

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