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Iron Man Non-spoiler Spoiler

I am now following @Bagadonuts because of this Tweet:

Re:"Iron Man"(2008)The script revealed Tony Stark(Iron Man) to be the creator of Dr. Otto Octavius’s tentacles from Spider-Man 2 (2004). [Source, Twitter,@Bagadonuts]

Which is a shame that it doesn’t appear in the film because it makes the robots in the garage exponentially cooler! (and more believable)

Other great ones from @Bagadonuts:

Re:"The Dark Knight"(2008) As a joke one bat suit was made with nipples and presented to Christian Bale as the new and improved costume. [Source, Twitter,@Bagadonuts]

Re:"Caddyshack"(1980)The noises the Gopher makes are vocalized by a dolphin, and those are the same ones used for “Flipper” series (1964). [Source, Twitter,@Bagadonuts]

Re:"The Patriot"(2000) One of the redcoats (actually dummies) floating face down in the river after the “trap” is a dummy of John Travolta. [Source, Twitter,@Bagadonuts]

Re:"Rain Man"(1988) During filmimg, both Hoffman and Cruise doubted the movie’s potential and jokingly called it, “Two Schmucks in a Car”. [Source, Twitter,@Bagadonuts]

2 thoughts on “Iron Man Non-spoiler Spoiler

  1. Fun stuff, but you do know that you can read all those (and more) by selecting the ‘trivia’ link (under the Fun Stuff header on the left-most column) for any movie on I usually treat myself after watching a movie by reading its trivia page on IMDb. Like Bagadonuts demonstrates, there’s plenty of neat stuff to discover.

    (and, yeah, I agree with you: if we can have Nick Fury showing up at the very end of the movie to talk with Stark about the Avengers, why not a quick blurb about Doc Ock’s tentacles somewhere?)

  2. I love the IMDB but I have never clicked that trivia link! Thanks.

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