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My lawn mower punched me in the face


7 thoughts on “My lawn mower punched me in the face

  1. Who says physics can’t be fun? Oh right. Your face.

  2. What’s next? Electrocution? Amputation? Maybe someone else should fix the mower and you should paint the bedroom.

  3. Ah! Asphyxiation! Done it! Remember the closet?

  4. Is that your nickname for Cathy these days?

  5. Sure – blame it on wanting to make the wife happy. (Didn’t think we’d catch that, didja? LOL!)

    Didn’t your momma ever tell you you’re gonna put out an eye? Jeez. That’ll learn ya.

  6. Oh, what’s the weirdo freezer pack that you had? I wanna see!

  7. That’s an herb pack. It’s cloth packed full of herbal goodness. You put it in either the freezer or can heat it in the microwave although they recommend having one for either hot or cold and not going back and forth. Also, it will pickup freezer odors so store it in a ziplock. They used to sell them in the mall. We have a rectangular one that is great for resting on the forehead for a headache or cooling a fever. The one you see my holding in the video is actually C shaped and designed to go around the neck. I’ll get you a video showing them.

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