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Their typo causing grief

While I was getting ready to prepare dinner, someone drove up to my house and said, "I don’t mean to sound insensitive but I saw on the Internet that this house may be up for sale." He failed. That did sound terribly insensitive and lowly. See, the mortgage company has misplaced some of my payments. Fortunately, I always use Western Union for mortgage payments making transactions very traceable. I call department A and they say, "Oh yes, department B has make an error. I can see it here." Corrections are supposedly made and I am told to call back in 72 hours. The next day department B calls and refers me to department A and the cycle repeats. Of course, in the meantime, this has not stopped department B from bringing in lawyers and threatening foreclosurestarting foreclosure proceedings complete with setting an auction date.

I understand people go through misfortune, and other people will take advantage of that misfortune to make a buck or two, but how greedy do you have to be to approach a family during their dinner before their house is even in foreclosure? I guess tomorrow the mortgage company and I need to get this straightened out. "Lowry! We’ve got another one."

6 thoughts on “Their typo causing grief

  1. You are a typo manget.

  2. how horrible-I hope you get it worked out without to much fuss.
    My Dad had problems with his car payments they keep doubling 1 payment & ignoring the second car and then billing him late fees.

  3. Subtle! You win “the funniest thing I’ve read all day” award! Thanks. I needed that laugh.

  4. overtlytrite- once the domino falls, it is very difficult to get out from under a debt.

  5. So they never sent you all any kind of letter saying you were behind your payments? Or any kind of notice?

  6. Its a little more complicated than that. Its truly a paperwork error. But it goes to show how easy it is for someone to get done over by the system.

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