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Spam on Reality Me out of control

This weekend I plan to get a little aggressive with controlling spam on Reality Me. Most of it gets blocked but I get so much spam traffic that my Spam Karma logs regularly reach 70MB or more. If you find yourself unable to reach Reality Me, I may have been too aggressive. Just email me at or Twitter @djuggler or Skype djuggler.

How do I plan to fight the spam? Mostly with apache. I’ll post details.

1 thought on “Spam on Reality Me out of control

  1. I find Deviled Ham or Treat Meat is a nice alternative to SPAM, but it must be on white bread, slightly stale, preferably. (SPAM, it’s pink and it’s oval, SPAM, I buy it at the Mobil…)

    Have fun fighting the SPAM! Don’t let the SPAM keep you down. Damn the SPAM!

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