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I’m hot for your spam

I just received this spam in email and it is so bad that I’m actually tempted to reply!

My name is tessy.I saw your structuretoday and became intrested in you, I shall like to know also you more, andI want, that you have sent e-mail to my e-mail address, thus I can give you mypicture for you, that the nobility, whom I. Here – my e-mail addressI believe, that we can move from here. I wait for your mail to my e-mailaddress above. (Remeber the distance or color has no value, but
business oflove alot in a life),Please my love sends you an e-mail address to this my e-mail .kiss and love please contact me in is my mail

My reply should be something like:

you are emailtoday generated me hot.for you. Please sends mypicture for your mail to my e-mailaddress above.I wishes to use my .tongue of imtaciy inyer arm puts of arousal zones, and massages you of my eyebals .kiss nd love please contact me is my mail.

What in the world do these spammers expect?

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