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Man Shoots Lawn Boy

What is our society coming to when you cannot even shoot your lawn mower in your own yard without going to prison!

3 thoughts on “Man Shoots Lawn Boy

  1. Oh for gods sake, they’ve got nothing better to do? If it’s unregistered, take it away, if it is, he wasn’t threatening anyone, just didturbing the peace. fine him and get on with it.
    I’m qiute sure they can find a more serious crime to involve themselves with if they look hard enough!

  2. Walendowski could face up to an $11,000 fine and six years and three months in prison if convicted.

    When Jimmy Buffett and Hunter S Thompson (R.I.P.) shoot appliances, we applaud them!

  3. Hey if dick chenny can shoot his hunting buddy this man should have the right to shoot his lawn mower, haven,t you people figured it out yet law in forcement isn,t for us little people, may be the gentleman should come to montana where the horses run wild and the cops do to, but the day is coming for the people to stand, who in hell cares if the guy shot his lawn mower, take out your wallets people and get this guy a good attorney.

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