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School Starts Tomorrow – Say What?!

It is 9:45pm and tomorrow 3 of the 5 children begin school. The other two follow shortly. I just realized we don’t know when their buses arrive or if any changes have been made to the bus stop locations this year! The Knox County bus search shows nothing for our children! To complicate matters, Knox County blundered and approved the ill conceived rezoning and since Sarah opted to stay at Bearden High School rather than rezone to West High School, she is responsible for her own transportation. Getting the high schoolers to understand the concept of carpool has been down right painful. Next year they will probably be driving themselves and that scares me!

Wish us luck! We’ve begun 200 days of 5 children in 5 schools!

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2 thoughts on “School Starts Tomorrow – Say What?!

  1. there might just be a glitch I checked bus info earlier in the weekand it was the same as last year but I could get nothing at all to come up tonight. I figure we will go down at 6:45 (yes we are the first flipping stop on the route) and hope for the best

  2. We missed ours by about 5 seconds.

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