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From the mouths of babes

How do you fit 7 people into a 2000 square foot house? Some people double up on bedrooms. Amy and Sarah share a room. And Evan shares a room with Mom and Dad. For convenience, he is still in crib because it confines him forcing sleep but I anticipate that ending soon.

Evan, 3 years old, bolts upright in his crib: "Thank you Daddy! Thank you! Thank you Daddy!"
I was afraid to roll over and make eye contact because I didn’t want him coming to complete wakefulness. Playtime at 1am is not a good thing. Cathy was watching and said he was sitting up with eyes open but was fully asleep. He couldn’t have touched my heart more! I love that boy! After his thank yous, he laid down and fell into a deep sleep.

This morning-
Dad: "Let’s get ready for school."
Evan:"Hurray! School!" but school probably sounds more like schual.

Evan, out of the blue: "Daddy, Got milk?"

Evan is now pushing my buttons as he refuses to get dressed and has declared he is not going to school. Monday, monday.

180! Evan is wearing a backpack, dressed, and declaring, "Dad, I am ready to go. Ready to go."

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