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The world wants to spin

I can feel the dizzy spells wanting to come back. It would be a mistake to lean my head back and look up at the ceiling right now. I must calm myself. I had two cups of coffee this morning which aggravates the problem. I really don’t want to take the Meclizine. I’d like to see a chiropractor but that’s just out the question right now. Eating right would probably help. I’m certain diet contributes to this. Mostly stress. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “The world wants to spin

  1. I had dizzy spells on and off all day yesterday, myself. I blame that supercollider in Europe. I also blame it for altering space-time and making us lose last week to UCLA.

  2. I forgot about the Hadron! You’re right! We were shifting dimensions. Of course, people experienced headaches, dizziness, and disorientation. I’m glad my wife and 4 children are okay. If the Hadron caused someone to disappear from existence, we might not even realize it!

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