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Today is 9/11

twintowersI remain at a mostly at loss for words. Of course, two very unexpected things happened as a result of September 11, 2001. First, Amy happened. Second, September 12, 2001 happened. September 12 is a day I will never forget for it was the first time I my life, the only time, I can remember looking into the sky and not seeing a single airplane. No flashing lights. No contrails. No engine noise. No whump whump whump of helicopter blades. Only sky, birds, and at night, stars. For such tragedy on September 11th, there was an ironic peacefulness to the skies in the hours and days that followed.

2 thoughts on “Today is 9/11

  1. They should have one of those days every year. maybe on September 12th. tis good for the environment

  2. Would be nice. I’d like to occasionally look up at the sky without the light pollution of a city. Maybe that same night they could turn off all the lights and everyone could promise to stay inside. I wonder what it would sound like with no sirens, no engine noise, no electrical buzz, and just think how bright those stars would be!

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