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Knoxville out of gas – Twitter for prices

Apparently Knoxville gasoline supplies have been out since Monday.

"Knoxville has been out of gas since Monday. We’ve been buying gas from Atlanta, North Carolina, Kentucky, anywhere we can get it," said Bill Weigel, head of the Weigel’s chain of convenience stores in Knox, Blount, Sevier, Loudon, Anderson and Monroe counties. [Source, Knoxnews, EPA boosts gas supply in Southeast; Knoxville running low]

When Cathy mentioned this to me yesterday, I was caught totally off guard. How could some significant news slip past the hyperconnected?! I polled Twitter:
djuggler: Hold the phone! Does anyone have a link or verification about a gas shortage in Knoxville?
I then saw that Michael Silence was causing the run on gas!
djuggler: Blog post causes run on gas in Knoxville Yea, hurricane Ike might have a little something to do with it too.
Then Twitter kicked in!
@djuggler WIMZ reported a little while ago that gas prices were going up @ 6:00 pm. I don’t really believe things are that coordinated.
@djuggler My initial thought was that it was just a rumor that got out of control. I haven’t checked into any more so I could be wrong.
@djuggler goodness…it’s raining here and everyone thinks it’s ike. i’m like people! we’re in central kentucky – ike is still in the middle of the gulf of mexico! buy a couple or three clues. LOL
@djuggler I don’t know about shortages, but wholesale gas prices popped up today. Coming soon to a pump near you
djuggler: @barner Didn’t they hear about OPEC? Prices are supposed to plummet! Rock beats scissors. Ike beats OPEC.
BrianGM: @djuggler that’s the first I heard about a gas shortage! Anybody got any connections with Pilot?
djuggler: KNOXVILLE: As you fill up, Twitter the prices please. Heading out to pickup a child. Should I participate in the gas shortage mania?
LissaKay: 3.63 – 3.65 in kodak
BrianGM: @djuggler ofcourse! Anybody that’s cool will be doing the ’08 K-Town Gas Shortage Tweetup!!
jenmcclurg: @djuggler I’m all for a good panic, so I filled up behind Kay’s Ice Cream on Chapman for $3.54
Digitarius: @djuggler This *would* break on a day that I coasted in to work on E, wouldn’t it?
djuggler: I am participating in the hysteria. Weigel’s rocky hill. 3.69 3.79 and 3.89 every pump full with cars waiting.
overtlytrite: @djuggler it was still 350ish on campbell station I tend to shut my eyes and just feed the machine my card I don’t want to see the total
Digitarius: @djuggler 3.699 at pel parkway & hardin valley
barner: @djuggler $3.69/gallon on Sutherland Ave a couple hours ago. Up $0.05 this afternoon.
LissaKay: Racetrac on Western is out of gas
LissaKay: Gas prices jumped 20 cents in 4 hours at exit 407! Still 3.63 at Food City though
vagredajr: about 2 hours ago I filled up the minivan w/$3.69 gas. It is now $3.99 EVERYWHERE in Fountain City.
bobmissy07 People, think! If you only drive to Kroger & church, there’s no need to fill up the Rambler. You’ll be fine. No evacuations here, remember?
pattib22: @bobmissy07 @wbir has reported cummins supply terminal has run out of gas and not expecting next delivery till 9/17
vagredajr: oh boy, here comes the gas run
lasthome: $4.09 at BP near Fort Sanders West and Kingston Pike
lasthome: Anyone wanna place bets whether it will come back down to $3.64 next week?

I heard one person forecasting $5 a gallon but I think they were being snarky. If the Saudis really left OPEC, then prices should come down.

Update: Knoxnews reports Knoxville gas prices push closer to $5 and Michael Silence has more.

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  1. West Knoxville was at 4.59 around 12am last night, but I could only find one place that had gas…

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