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Programming – demanding on the body

Did you know that programming can be physically as well as mentally exhausting? After a marathon of coding my body aches!

Hey! Someone’s playing Tom-toms in my head! Where’s my vitamin A!?

3 thoughts on “Programming – demanding on the body

  1. its usually not the coding that makes you ache, its the lack of proper nutrition, posture, hydration and breaks. 🙂

    unless you are talking about carpal tunnel

  2. I’ll take the former but the latter reminds me I have a video to make about preventing carpal tunnel.

    Oh, let’s not forget poor posture and lacking ergonomics. For 10 years I actually sat on a wooden kitchen chair and then a friend upgraded his office and I actually ended up with a padded comfortable office chair.

  3. Amen to all this! Hopefully the tom-toms are at least banging a catchy tune.

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