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Do you believe the WTC was just planes?

The last man out says there were explosions in the basement.

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Update: A friend on IRC asked, "you seriously questioning the WTC was just planes or not?" From time to time I think of the open questions like Silverman’s insurance policy, the assessment that the towers needed to be torn down and rebuilt but was too costly an endeavor, the demolition style collapse of the buildings instead of toppling, and all the other babble from the conspiracy theorists. Now, I love a good conspiracy theory. Conspiracy for 9/11 almost writes itself. When I write conspiracy, it’s just creative writing often for satirical purposes. The truth of the matter is that 9/11 was the second attempt by terrorist to bring buildings down. The first attempt was with 1500 pounds of explosives in the basement in February 1993. Including explosives in the basement is conceivable for an effort that planned to organize 10 planes and at one point included simultaneous attacks on 2 continents before being scaled back to the 4 plans used on 9/11.

The commission found that the plot originally called for hijacking 10 planes and attacking targets on the eastern and western coasts of the United States.

The plot also called for hijacking and blowing up 12 airliners in Southeast Asia, but al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden scrapped that part of the plan because it was too difficult to coordinate operations on two continents.

Bin Laden scaled back the plot in the United States to the four planes that were eventually used in the attack.

[Source, CNN, 9/11 panel: Al Qaeda planned to hijack 10 planes, 17 June 2004]

I doubt it though. That day was horrible. I watched it broadcast live and as smoke billowed out from the towers I was amazed they were still standing. But like JFK’s assassination, I think people will believe strongly one way or another and that some questions will never be answered. None-the-less, I found Rosie’s video interesting.

2 thoughts on “Do you believe the WTC was just planes?

  1. Hmmm, full access to every part of the entire complex, yet he missed hundreds of miles of primer wire, and the dozens of technicians that would have been necessary to wire both towers.

    He must have spent a lot of time in that closet.

    As for hearing the first explosion below, then the second from above, most likely he heard one explosion twice. The hollow core of the building would act like a waveguide and bring the sound of the explosion directly to the bottom of the tower, where it would be reflected back up, all at the speed of sound. The sound that didn’t get funneled through the core would take a longer path, and therefore longer to get to him. You experience the same thing every time you go to a football game.

  2. Makes sense. As I watched his video and he described the people on the floors below him being burned, I wondered if the hollow wouldn’t have acted as a funnel for some jet fuel and fire that would have made it tot he bottom. I don’t know if that’s physically possible or not. He could also very much believe his story while it could be a false memory.

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