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Support Microsoft

You can get your mugshot on the big screen in Times Square by saying "I’m a PC and …." if you want to support Microsoft by participating in their counter ads to Apple’s famous "I’m a Mac" ads.

I personally would like to see every participant holding an apple, biting into an apple, or have the Apple logo somewhere in the shot. I think I’ll record, "I’m a PC because Steve Jobs won’t send me a free Macbook Pro."

2 thoughts on “Support Microsoft

  1. I’m a PC because “The Bob is cheap and won’t let me get a new Macbook for BlogHer so I’ll be like all the cool kids”. Oh and there’s that whole “I’m not employed” thing too, but we’re not talking about that.

  2. I’m a PC because my hardware is 10 years old and 10 years ago only artists used Macs.

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