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Today’s bizarre dialog

I began the week with this conversation and end it with this one:

Me, at Chick-fil-a drive through squawk box: "One more thing. I’d like a large carrot and raisin salad."
Her: "You wanna a what?!"
Me: "A large carrot and raisin salad."
Her: "I’m sorry. Could you repeat that?"
Me, considering describing it by color: "Please add a large carrot and raisin salad. One caaaarrrroottt and raisin salad."
Her: "Huh?"
Me, about to give up, raising my voice and yelling to the window instead of the speaker: "A carrot and salad please! Large."
Her: "Okay. Drive up."

Yes, in hindsight, I’m sure she heard me the first time but was just in utter disbelief. The employee dialog, amidst laughter, must have been, "Hey, do we have any of that carrot junk left over from last week?"

2 thoughts on “Today’s bizarre dialog

  1. What’s kind of bizarre is that that location usually has the GREATEST customer service. I don’t know if you remember when BJ worked there about eight years ago (yes, I went there often enough to know his name)–he had red hair and was always super-enthusiastic–he just blew every other fast-food worker out of the water until the end of time. He would go out of his way to treat people well.

  2. They still have great service. This was just unusual and comical. Don’t remember BJ but I’m not very good with names and faces.

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