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Save electricity without spending a dime, right now!

Fall is upon us and the weather is beautiful! Are you stilling running your air conditioner? Why? For the past 2 weeks or more, we have kept our windows open most nights and through most of the day. Some afternoons get too warm and the air has to be run briefly. At night, the bedroom windows may be closed so the children don’t catch a chill but the rest of the windows are left open to enjoy the sound of nature, feel the breeze, and on those wet days listen to the pitter patter of rain drops.

We forget the sounds blocked by the windows. The melodious birds are relaxing. The crickets and cicadas are disturbing to some and calming white noise to others. The sound of the rain is a special treat. The open windows air out the house with fresh smells. Best of all, open windows mean less electricity which is good for the environment and pleasing to the pocketbook. Try keeping your air conditioner off for 3 weeks and see if your next utility bill is not surprisingly pleasing.

4 thoughts on “Save electricity without spending a dime, right now!

  1. I’ve had my windows open a lot the past few weeks. My only complaint at night? My neighbor’s HVAC.

  2. That’s a bit ironic.

  3. I tried doing that yesterday and since we don’t have screens on the windows (old house we rent) we were eaten nearly alive by mosquitos.

    You don’t even want to know what my electric/water bill was this month and I keep my air at 78.

  4. Mosquitoes would be a drag! A roll of nylon screen and a staple gun might go a long way!

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