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TP Emergency!

The house is incredibly low on toilet paper! "Kids, we are rationing! Your choice is 2 squares a day! If you want more, you’ll need to sacrifice a Christmas present." Damned economy. Think I’ll write my Senator and ask for a bailout. "Dear Senator, I need 32 rolls of Charmin. It costs $5.6 million. Thank you!"

3 thoughts on “TP Emergency!

  1. Just don’t ride up to Congress on your own private toilet. They hate that.

  2. I was just having this discussion with a coworker, apparently TP in india is considered a luxury… at $1 per roll. To put that into perspective they pay their fathers caretaker $15/week!

  3. The alternative? Is it a “never shake with the left hand” thing? Or is a bidet the default?

    And the $15/$1 certainly puts the luxury in perspective!

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