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Weather outlook happy

Yesterday was a hard day for me. My youngest two children went into the dentist for cavities and one tooth extraction (which didn’t happen). This bothers me on so many levels I cannot even begin to write about it. I was stressed and rather depressed. Today I’m relaxed and rather happy. The difference? Aside from the dentist, the difference is the weather. I have always noted that around a full moon I am a bit more energetic and anxious and sometimes downright manic. The moon moves the tides, why not people? Yesterday we have a low pressure system come in and bring rain. Yesterday’s emotional state? Depression. Today a high pressure system is pushing the low pressure system out and I am feeling pretty good. Could my mental state be that closely tied to nature? I believe the answer is a simple yes. Cathy’s migraines always precede a storm (low pressure). Other people tell the weather by a twitch in their toe. The body and mind are undeniably sensitive to weather.

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