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Apparently Frostbite Is Cool

She did it again. It is -4°C outside right now. Snow flurries are in the forecast. And my 15 year old girl just walked out of the house wearing Teva sandals and no socks. I couldn’t stop myself this time, "Sarah! That’s stupid. At least put on socks." But her ride was here and obviously this is the counter culture look she is going for. Oh wait, she thought she broke her toe last night (didn’t) but it was nice and black and blue. I bet she wants to show it off today!

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Weather outlook happy

Yesterday was a hard day for me. My youngest two children went into the dentist for cavities and one tooth extraction (which didn’t happen). This bothers me on so many levels I cannot even begin to write about it. I was stressed and rather depressed. Today I’m relaxed and rather happy. The difference? Aside from the dentist, the difference is the weather. I have always noted that around a full moon I am a bit more energetic and anxious and sometimes downright manic. The moon moves the tides, why not people? Yesterday we have a low pressure system come in and bring rain. Yesterday’s emotional state? Depression. Today a high pressure system is pushing the low pressure system out and I am feeling pretty good. Could my mental state be that closely tied to nature? I believe the answer is a simple yes. Cathy’s migraines always precede a storm (low pressure). Other people tell the weather by a twitch in their toe. The body and mind are undeniably sensitive to weather.

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Personal Weather Indicator Says SNOW!

Some people have wolly worms or twitching toes to tell them what the weather will be. I have my wife! She’s down and out with a severe migraine right now. That means an extreme change in weather, usually a drop in pressure, so tonight it is going to snow, snow, SNOW! I only wish she could do this without having to suffer such pain.

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American Red Cross Tornado Blog

American Red CrossThe American Red Cross (ARC) has set up a website in response to the Tennessee tornadoes. I learned this because I follow @Redcross on Twitter as you should.

This site is for public information about the American Red Cross response to the Tennessee tornadoes of February 2008. [Source, Tennessee Tornadoes, American Red Cross] [more info]

They had a similar site for Northwest Flooding 2007. If you are looking for loved ones or have been displaced by a disaster, please use the Safe and Well List to help inform family and friends. Safe and Well is easily accessible through your phone using Twitter.