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Parental Scare of the Evening

Words to not say to a parent if you’ve been watching their child: "Is your child at your house?"

Amy was playing with the neighbor’s kids. He stepped into the bathroom and came out only to find Amy and his youngest missing. He sent his oldest over to see if there were here and then the hollering started. The neighborhood could hear our calls of "AaaaaaMMMMY! OoooTTHHeeerRCHhiiiiiillllddd’ssssNaaaame!" And people came to their porches to see what was going on. Their dog had escaped and we deduced that the six year old and seven year old went searching. If this sounds familiar, it should. Amy went searching for this dog on her own April 20th of last year (see My child walks the road where dogs go to die). While the teenagers struck out to the woods, I drove directly to Northshore and started working back into the neighborhood from its most extreme points and the other father drove out from the houses. I multitasked and started making phone calls to various neighbors. Darkness fell fast so I dialed the non-emergency number for the Sheriff. Halfway through filing my report, we got the call that the children and dog were safe. They had stayed in the neighborhood but still walked roads that they should not have been on. No one is mad. We are all happy that they are safe and hopefully a lesson has been learned.

So I’m thinking about starting a separate blog to chronicle the times Amy has vanished.

3 thoughts on “Parental Scare of the Evening

  1. so doug, hows that new BP medicine working out for you?

  2. Must be doing really well. I didn’t get angry over this at all.

  3. how funny I was bout to suggest that there is the root of some of your BP issues but I see I got beat 🙂

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