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Link dump and closing browser windows

I have two styles of posting on Reality Me. One style is to write about my personal experiences and creative writing that comes from with me. The second style is based on external stimulus, generally other stuff I see on the Internet. Frequently when I am writing about my personal experiences (style 1) I will seek out related or supporting information from the Internet. The second style is typically items in the news, politics, or technology and in writing about them I may connect it to a personal experience. As such, the two styles often overlap.

Since life and work do not always permit time for blogging, I sometimes use the non-time sensitive items as scheduled posts that I can write about in my leisure but have them scheduled to appear in a busy time of the day. I used to set aside some Sunday evening time specifically to schedule some interesting content throughout the week. I’m an information junkie and a collector of links. When an interesting link is emailed to me, instant messaged, or Twittered (other ways to contact me), I open it in a new browser window or tab and skim it. Time permitting I may post about it right away, save it to delicious, or just leave it open in the tab. Eventually I get too many tabs and windows open, my computer slows to a crawl, and I either discard everything, or bookmark them for later. Today I’m going to dump them all to this post without lengthy commentary or research. Click "more" to see the link dump.

Foreclosure Tips, Facts and Fumbles
I saw @purplecar on Twitter reference @foreclosure101 and was curious to see if @foreclosure101 was a protagonist or an antagonist. Turns out she is trying to help people save their homes and in these economic times I thought it would be a good blogpost to bring other people’s attention to her mission
Hope Resource Center
Apparently this is what Knox County Schools bases their sex education (or lack there of) program on. I wanted to confirm that, draw an opinion and blog about it at Knox School Matters
HowTo: Dual Monitors (Xinerama/TwinView/MergedFB/Big-Desktop)
This is a forum discussing how to get dual monitors to work on Ubuntu. I’m currently trying Ubuntu as my replacement development environment to see if I can move further away from Windows. I must have dual or triple monitors.
Setting up Apache Mysql and PHP
Since my development environment is becoming linux based, it seemed like a good idea to make sure that the development workstation could also support the web application/database requirements for my applications. Ultimately, if I can be completely comfortable with Ubuntu as my dev environment, I will move it to a usb portable drive and no longer be tethered to a specific piece of hardware.
10 Web Typography Rules Every Designer Should Know
This one is professional development. I bookmark information like this to review when I have time so that my skills stay sharp. Sometimes I blog about this kind of information. I think this is an excellent article on Typography.
Live Chat Tonight
I’m a huge LOST fan and had hoped to peek in on DarkUFO’s live chat. But I missed it.
Most Popular Twitter Clients Revealed
I really like Mashable’s articles and hope to do some writing like this myself one day. This article shows the percentages attributed to each Twitter client. I was surprised to find Twhirl in 4th place instead of 2nd. This is bloggable material.
Two attention-focusing apps kill distractions dead
If the noise of social networking and wealth of information on the Internet is too much to handle, these applications will help you stay on task.
Top 10 Cheap or Free Home Theater Upgrades
I am a fan of Lifehacker. One day I hope to actually have a home theater and these suggestions inspired some long away future plans.
Teaching your kids how to
write computer programs
Very intriguing. I want to teach the children programming. I also want to see Knox County Schools adopt technology more aggressively. This article was to be blogged on Reality Me and on Knox School Matters and used in a presentation that one day I hope to present to some of the powers that be who control the direction of Knox County Schools.
A New Image Replacement Technique: The State Scope Method
This is also professional development. The concept must be tested and I must prove to myself that it is effective and worthwhile.
The Socratic Method:
Teaching by Asking Instead of by Telling
I have this open as a remidner to send it to our Boy Scout troop’s leaders. Scouts emphasizes teaching by Socratic methods and this is a great example of making Socratic teaching work. I also want to blog this and post it on Knox School Matters as well as send it to a teacher friend of mine.
The New & Improved Way to Turn WordPress 2.7 into a Membership Community
This I want to try for a personal site. I want the experience to be able to offer this to clients as an option for their sites. This falls under continued professional development.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Helps To Combat Breast Cancer, According To Spanish Scientists
First, I found this incredibly amusing. It made me chuckle aloud at all the possible jokes I could make of this in a post. Smearing olive oil on breasts/plastic sheets/The Spanish-Italian romance language connection/the workd virgin/Popeye/etc. Secondly, I collect links on health so from a practical perspective I found this very interesting. The comic strip Popeye just recently fell out of copyright and into the public domain so this is an opportunity to cross topics in a post.
10 Examples of Creative Twitter Uses
This falls under continued professional development. Case studies help me give my clients the best advice about their own endeavors. I also want to play with the Twitter API and this inspires me. It would also make good blogging material. I collect links to Twitter on delicious.
Olivia Mora
She did a naked Peta protest in Knoxville and other southern cities. I reserved this page thinking I might follow up with some commentary but it is old news now.
Learn to Solder Kit
An affordable kit from MakerShed. I’m hoping that Noah and I can work on electronics together and fuel his desire to make robots (if it hasn’t faded).
Are You Making These 10 PHP Mistakes?
Continued professional development. I read articles like this to hone my skills and make sure I am not stuck with old bad habits.
The Family That Twitters Together, Stays Together
I’d hoped to blog about Family Twittering and relate it to my own social media family. This may also add to my discussion of technology in the schools.
Mastering WordPress Shortcodes
This is also continued professional development. I plan to do more work specifically in WordPress for clients and want to exercise WordPress to its fullest potential.
Congress on Twitter: Yay, or nay?
I love the idea that our politicans use Twitter. I believe they should be open, transparent and reachable by the public. This is blog material plus I’m considering following all of them and grouping them into a TweetDeck group.
8 Tools to Track Your Footprints on the Web
At some point I want to see what kind of impression I have left on the web. Theses tools will help me review my Internet activities and see what dirty laundry I’ve left about. Good for checking out others too. This is a reference and possible blogging material.
A Twitter Decision
Bloggable information on Twitter following and followers.
HOW TO: Live Inside Twitter and Still Stay Productive
Twitter tools for productivity. This is a todo as well as bloggable.
Three Plants that Give You Better Indoor Air
I want to add these plants to my house. This is potentially bloggable too.
How the Web is killing my ability to communicate
This I want to blog. I found it interesting.

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