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From the mouths of babes

Evan, 3.5 years old: "Why da?"
Dad, proper answer: "Because ____ _ ____ ___ _ ___"
Evan: "But why da?"
Dad, similar answer with more descriptive words: "Because ____ ____ _ ____ ___ ___ _ ___ ____ and _____"
Evan: "Dad, but why?"
Dad: "Uh. Because."
Evan: "But why because?"
Dad: "I don’t know."
Evan: "But why?" "Why?" "WHY?"
Dad: *brain melts*

Evan: "Crocodiles are going to eat your feet."
Dad: "What?"
Evan: "Crocdiles going to eat your feet. Got to put your feet on the boat Dad."
Dad, places feet on the chair in front of him.
Evan: "Now crocodiles won’t get your feet."

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  1. Blimey! Is the crocodiles population is up that much? I guess I better make sure that my home owners insurance insurance covers croc attacks.

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