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From the mouths of babes

Evan, 3.5 years old: "Zoooombie! Zooombie!" *bump* "Ow!" *thud* *knock* *thunk* "Oh ow!" *bump* *klop* "Ow!" bump! bump! bump! "oh. I oookAY!"
Evan: "I come down stairs to scare you!"
Dad: "Well you sure did that!"

That’d be Evan wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy accidentally rolling down the wooden staircase steamroller style. It was almost in slow motion. It was one of those parent moments where you are hoping the child is fine because you really want to bust out laughing.

1 thought on “From the mouths of babes

  1. You left out the fact that until the freefall he was saying, “Zoooombie! Zooombie!”

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