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Thank you!

I banged my head against a wall last night until it bled. I woke at 3:30am this morning to pound on the wall some more. I consulted peers on IRC. I Googled. I Blingo‘d. Finally I began to type my situation here.

On one of my projects, I am using a modal dialog to present forms to the user. These forms submit the user input to the server via ajax and depending upon the return from the server either present an error message or perform and action then close. The staple of a good programmer is code reuse. In my case, I have written a module to pop up the dialog box and, based upon a variable passed into the module, populate the dialog box with the correct form.

I proceeded to type an abbreviated, generic version of the code segment that was giving me grief. And as I neared the end, I saw my typo! Problem resolved. Life can move on. Now that’s a good use of a blog!

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