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That itch that won’t go away

My computer has been performing poorly. So this morning I ran my virus scanner with its toughest settings for piece of mind. Instead I found a virus:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\Doug McCaughan\Application Data\Google\mupd1_2_12916358.exe Malware name:Win32-Trogan-gen {Other} Virus/Worm

Guess it is time to do a security sweep of the home network. I bet the kids computers are overrun.

2 thoughts on “That itch that won’t go away

  1. I did a full system scan this morning for the first time in years, thanks to this post. Unfortunately, the only thing my computer is infected with is Vista.

    What AV do you have that it let malware through?

  2. I use Avast. I stand by it. I’m unclear how this happened but I suspect it had to do with me using some sketchy software in a time of crisis last week. AV software will fend off the vampires but not if you open the door and invite them in and I think I invited the vampires to dinner.

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