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I’m in print!

Some of my digital words seem to have leaked into today’s newspaper! Go to Knoxnews and read Teach cell phones, don’t ban them. Comments are open on Knoxnews or commentary can be added at the School Matters website.

5 thoughts on “I’m in print!

  1. You’re in deadwood? Um, err, isn’t that moving backwards?

  2. It does feel a little anachronistic however I did learn that my inlaws still buy one those things!

  3. Tell you what, it was eye opening working with a trained journalist to get something into print. There is a big difference between someone like myself writing for fun on the Internet and a professional journalist creating a story for a reputable paper.

  4. True, but you’d pick up on it quickly. A lot of journalism is just plain and simple common sense. If I can do it…

  5. […] Doug has a bit in the KNS: For years, schools have pondered how to get more computers into the classroom. Now, students walk into the schools with powerful computers in their pockets and are told to turn them off. […]

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