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The kids are off to steal the nuke codes

The grandparents have taken 4 of the 5 children off to Oak Ridge for The Secret City Festival. (The socialite teenage girl has plans) Did you know you have to take proof of citizenship if you want to tour the plant? That means a photo id and a birth certificate or passport or something comparable. I’ve wanted to see The Secret City Festival since I heard about it but frankly my body and mind are still decompressing after being so tightly strung for the past several weeks. I’m more relaxed but literally still shaky like a tuning fork is playing in my head. I’m taking this day away from the computer and doing some things for myself that I’ve been neglecting. I have an important project in the batting box and I need to clear my mind so I can start fresh and strong tomorrow or Monday.

I find Oak Ridge’s history beyond fascinating. I love it when people tell their stories. I’ve only been to the Museum of Science and Energy (once) professionally so I have yet to see the exhibits. I’ve never seen the children’s museum (the kids go with the grandparents). I’m vowing to attend next year’s Secret City Festival!

3 thoughts on “The kids are off to steal the nuke codes

  1. I wanted to go too but I am stuck working today instead. Hopefully next year we’ll get to go too

  2. The story behind the building of the cemesto houses is interesting too.

    But it’s far less interesting to actually live in one.

  3. Meredith, that should be a poster!

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