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School Costs How Much?!

Ooops. I screwed up the paperwork. The financial aid office has explained that we have to pay 100% out of pocket for my son’s Fall college…on Tuesday.

I’ve explained it to the younger children like this: "Since your brother is going to college, we are going to be eating Ramen…lots of Ramen!"

3 thoughts on “School Costs How Much?!

  1. Didn’t they offer a financial aid waiver? If you are expecting financial aid, but it hasn’t been disbursed on time, they should let him go ahead and start classes even if the tuition hasn’t been paid yet. I had to do that one semester when my loans were delayed. Call ’em back and ask about a waiver.

  2. yikes hope you get that worked out!

  3. I’ve got some wheels turning. Thanks Lissa regarding the waiver. I’ll be asking about that today.

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