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Bush Hogging

I own a John Deere weed eater. They used to sell a variety of snap on parts for it like a chainsaw extension, edger and so forth. I never bought any. Last time I was at the John Deere store the sales person responded with surprise, "Are you sure it’s a John Deere?" Apparently they got out of that business a long time ago.

My yard is overgrown. I have about an acre and the brush is shoulder high in places. Using a machete is slow going and painful. Using a lawn mower guarantees bent blades. Renting a bush hog for the weekend has been my desire but is a bit costly and just hasn’t happened. I need to be able to take brief breaks on the yard and pull this down over time. The heavy duty trim line just isn’t working out. For every 5 feet of brush I knock down I have to spend 5 minutes fidgeting with the line or reloading the spool.

The solution? A brush blade! These are about $25 if I can find one which I doubt I could today. Instead, I believe my Dremel and bench grinder are going to help me repurpose a rotary saw or table saw blade into a wicked brush destroying weapon. If I do this correctly, I won’t end up with shards of metal thrown at high speeds into my ankles and the hill out back will have a better chance of being used for sledding this winter.

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4 thoughts on “Bush Hogging

  1. OMG—Do you remembering earing a $100.00 for bush-hogging a property in Cary, NC. Your allergies gave you a FIT, but you hung in there with cowboy hat and long sleeves.

  2. $80 in New Jersey. In Cary I was only 7, 8 and 9. I did that job in NJ when I was 14 or 15 for a construction contractor (Steve Garvey if I recall correctly) who also hired me on the weekends to move debris from his building sites to a dumpster. He saved money by having his workers just drop their trash anywhere rather than take it to the dumpster then I’d come along and tidy the place up. I recall not being of legal age to be working any job in NJ.

  3. A few head of cheap sale barn goats would be a safer, greener, and tastier alternative.

  4. That’s a really good idea. Goats have come up in discussion frequently recently. I’ve talked about Google using them for lawn maintenance. I have friends with goats. But for some reason, using them for myself never really connected.

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