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I need a new editor

For most of the past decade I have coded using CFStudio 5. It is a fantastic editor that was bought by Allaire from another company under the name Homesite. CFStudio was a more robust version of Homesite. Eventually CFStudio was abandoned which probably had something to do with Macromedia buying Allaire and wanting to promote Dreamweaver as their preferred editor. Now that Adobe owns Allaire/Macromedia, CFStudio has been reborn as Homesite+ and Dreamweaver still exists.

When my computer crashed, I found myself reinstalling everything. Yes, the computer is back up. It is running Windows XP and has a 500 GB hard drive. I can finally download all the podcasts I want! It also begs the question of whether or not I am using the best IDE for my purposes. I am not an eclipse fan. I see the potential and I really want eclipse to be a good solution but I’ve had too many bad experiences with it. For the past several weeks I have been coding in Notepad++ and although the compare plugin rocks the editor itself is really just an editor and I need an IDE.

Suggestions? IDE should accommodate PHP, ColdFusion, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

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  1. I’m usually coding in a terminal using vim, and I like it that way, but I’ve occasionally dipped into Komodo Edit. It’s free and pretty decent, but I don’t know if it has any bells and whistles for cold fusion. Might be worth a quick look, though.

  2. Thanks! I used to be an emacs nut but I always turned to vi for small things. Never really gave vim a chance. I’ll give Komodo Edit a look as well as coldfusion-bundle. I’d totally forgotten about coldfusionbuilder. I think I discounted it before because of my bad eclipse experiences.

  3. I’m still rocking away on HomeSite+ … but even though Adobe has provided library updates for it the during the past several ColdFusion releases, I think its days are numbered since it was just recently given the official pink slip.

    I suppose my runner-up would be Dreamweaver (in coder mode), although I’m ready to give CFTextMate a shot some day.

  4. They should release Homesite/CFStudio into the wild and let the open source community have fun with it.

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