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Killer Stress

Stress will make my life shorter.

I woke this morning feeling hung over but I didn’t have anything to drink. For that matter, I had a decent amount of sleep, slept like a rock, and had ultra vivid dreams. I know getting a handle on my stress is essential. The side effects of stress that I’m experiencing are increased absentmindedness, memory loss (rather recall issues..I believe the memories are there but the ability to draw them out is hindered by stress), sore muscles, headache, blurred vision, and exhaustion.

I want to live a long stress-free life. Time to get back to Quad II.

2 thoughts on “Killer Stress

  1. I created a tool that helps manage daily stress in a beautiful way. Please have a look at to create your routine and to see how different areas of your life are related. Powerful graphs help you understand how stress affects you individually (pain, migrane, …) and what works best for you to interrupt the cycle (time with friends, workout, cutting down on coffee, …). If you have an iPhone, this is the link to the app store where you can see the program description:

  2. TwitClicker, Love it! I’d envisioned writing something like this myself. Nice work.

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